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Memorial Hall, Llandaff - 2

30 January 1996 - A preliminary meeting gave a prognosis of about seven years life for the existing building, and mentioned two possible courses for the PCC: selling site to the Highway Authority for a Car Park extension or donating it to the Llandaff Society or some similar body for rebuilding of the Hall.

11 July 1996 - A public meeting at which Alwyn Vaughan expressed his hope of signing a ten year repairing lease, should his structural survey confirm his view that the building was safe.

12 January 1997 - Meeting of the PCC told that ‘the structural engineer has reported that the hall is in pretty good condition’.  The PCC informed the Llandaff Society that ‘there was no viable alternative to allowing Mr Vaughan to continue using the hall’.  Mr Vaughan retained his use of the Hall on a monthly lease basis.

October 1998 - The Llandaff Society was concerned that the PCC were considering selling the Memorial Hall.

January 2017 - New Memorial Hall opened to be used by the Cathedral School and Llandaff community.

Llandaff Musical Society

Originally called the Gilbert and Sullivan Society, itwas called the Llandaff Musical Society by July 1964.  It only produced Gilbert and Sullivan operas until 1977.  

From 1977, it produced at least one musical a year including; The White Horse Inn; Sound of Music; King and I; My Fair Lady; and Oliver!

The first productions were performed in the Memorial Hall and then the Bishop of Llandaff School (by April 1969).    

In November 2013 it became the Llandaff Theatre Co.


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