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November 1945 - the site was purchased by the Parochoical Church Council from Sir Lewis Lougher.  £300 was contributed to the Memorial Hall Fund by the Ladies Committee which had been providing comforts for the troops. An extract from PCC minutes 6 November 1945 said: ‘Mr Frewer reported that he had contacted Sir Lewis Lougher with regard to the sale of the land adjacent to the Church Hall and that Sir Lewis had made an offer to sell the land and the two cottages fronting on the High Street for the sum which he originally gave for it which was somewhere between £550 and £600.....’

April 1946 - A public appeal was launched, signed by the Dean, Churchwardens and Secretary to the PCC, appealing for contributions towards raising £7.5k for a Memorial Church Hall.  ‘It was felt that such a memorial, serving a useful purpose in the community, would best commend itself to the Service men and women, whose sacrifice and devotion it will honour.’  Thank offerings ‘towards providing the Parish with a permanent tribute to all who served in the war, many of whom gave their lives.’

3 July 1957 - The Memorial Church Hall opened, and was dedicated by the Archdeacon of Llandaff.  It was brought into use for a number of Parish and secular purposes, regular and casual.  As time went on, the building deteriorated, and revenue from lettings failed to cover the cost of necessary repairs.

1991 - The PCC leased the Hall to the Woodard Corporation for the Cathedral School on a five-year repairing lease for £10k.  There was shocked reaction from the ex-servicemen generation.

c. 1994  - The Woodard Corporation sublet to Alwyn Vaughan, who opened it as Scallywags Playland.

May 1995 - The Llandaff Society’s Environment Week ‘Planning Workshop’ included a study of the site and discussion of possible development.  Peter Drew of Planning Aid assisted.   The Society then asked the Dean, as Chairman of the PCC, for an Open Meeting of the PCC to discuss possibilities.

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