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In 1940 William produced his last work for the Cathedral. It is a large bronze medallion commemorating Bishop Pritchard Hughes, and is immediately below the Lewis memorial on the south wall of the sanctuary. By this time, William was in his eighties.

Sir William Goscombe John - 3

For some time after his death in 1952, William’s work was very much out of fashion and was dismissed. However, with the great revival of interest in Victorian and early twentieth century art, his reputation has been revived, and he is now seen as one of he most important figures in the New Sculpture movement of that period - and Llandaff considers itself lucky to possess so large a collection of his work.

Taken from: ‘Sir William Goscombe John and Llandaff’ by Arthur Impey. Published in ‘The Bell’, the Llandaff Cathedral Parish Magazine.

Many thanks to Gordon Lawson and Elaine Davey for the use of their photographs.

If you would like to arrange an illustrated talk on The Life of William Goscombe John, please contact Elaine Davey.

Bishop Pritchard Hughes memorial Judge Gwilym Williams statue at the Civic Centre John Cory statue at the Civic Centre Statue of James Buckley on The Green

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© Gordon Lawson

© Gordon Lawson