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William was commissioned to do a memorial for Bishop Richard Lewis of Llandaff, who died in 1905.  Unlike the Vaughan memorial, this was in bronze and so enabled him a greater vigour and fluency.  Further, whereas Vaughan is depicted reclining and asleep, Lewis is standing, fully alert, holding his crozier in one hand, his other held up in blessing.  It is strongly baroque, with the figure standing on a shield bearing his coat of arms, and supported by two putti.  

In 1924 William was again employed in Llandaff when he produced the Cathedral School and Llandaff Village War Memorial, which stands on The Green.  The Memorial Group, which was originally called ‘The Departure’, consists of a central robed female figure, which represents Llandaff, sending forth on one side of her, a workman - representing the village - and on the other side, a cadet - representing the school - both carry rifles.  

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His statue of Archdeacon James Buckley dates from 1927 and is one of his most attractive works.  Archdeacon Buckley was a much-loved vicar of Llandaff for more than thirty years, and he is depicted as a sturdy figure, complete with walking stick, looking as if he is about to stride off towards the Cathedral.  

At the same time, William made a further memorial to Buckley inside the Cathedral. This is a bronze tablet consisting of a portrait roundel, flanked by solemn figures of the Virtues - it can be found in the north aisle.

Archdeacon James Buckley Buckley memorial Bishop Richard Lewis