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In September 2009, a blue plaque was unveiled commemorating the life and work of Roald Dahl.  

It is situated in the High Street, at the site of the sweetshop whose owner inspired the creation of one of his favourite characters, Mrs Pratchett.  It is now the Great Wall Chinese Takeaway.

Llandaff residents cheered Roald’s widow, Liccy, and his son, Theo, as they unveiled the plaque, surrounded by local schoolchildren dressed as their favourite Roald Dahl characters.  Then, to everyone’s delight, pupils from the Cathedral School performed a re-enactment of The Great Mouse Plot.

The Sweetshop The Chairman checking his script Geoffrey Barton-Greenwood, Liccy, Theo and Maddie Dahl, and Jennifer Barton-Greenwood Liccy being interviewed for TV and Radio The unveiling Geoffrey Barton Greenwood entertains the crowds The Great Mouse Plot plotters The young Roald? 'Mrs Pratchett' performs

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