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1        The Flowers of Llandaff (Flora to be found in and around Llandaff Area  Published 1982  £1

2        Study Papers Environment Week Survey Report and Parking In Llandaff)  Published 1986 £2

3        Speed Revisited   (A reconstruction of the road map of Llandaff in 1610)   Published in 1987   £2

4        Notes on Llandaff, 1860-1888, by Clement Waldron   Published 1989  £2    

5         Llandaff Remembers (Llandaff Parishioners who died in 1914-18 War) £2

6         January 2nd 1941 (Recollections of one night in Llandaff during World War II)  Published 1990 £2

7         They  Looked at Llandaff – (Bishop Hugh Lloyd and The Battle of  St Fagans in the English Civil War)                 Published 1992 £2

8         The Maltsters Daughters (The story of two sisters, daughters of a Maltster in the hamlet of Llandaff) Published in 1993 £2

9          Escape  (an episode in the life of John Poole Hughes, a former  Bishop of Llandaff, during World War II) £3

10        The Gothick Summerhouse at Llandaff (in the grounds of Rookwood  Hospital)  Published 1995 £2

11        A Man and His School (the story of the former Llandff School for  Deaf and Dumb Children) £2*

12        When I was a Child (Childhood Memories of Llandaff) Published 2002 £6

13        The Llandaff Bird Watch, 1997-98 (Published for the Millennium 2000) £2

14        The Story of The Lodge (Cardiff Road, Llandaff)  Published 2003  £2

15         North of the Green Baize Door (The Cathedral School – Memories of a  Teacher and Pupil, 1948-53)  Published 2008 £5

16         A Man He Was To All The Country Dear – The Venerable Archdeacon James Rice Buckley, 1849-1924.  Published 2009 £4


Copies may be obtained from:  The Chairman

     Cheques to be made payable to ‘Llandaff Society’

Book ‘LLANDAFF 2000’ produced for the Millennium 2000 - Price £4 (+p&p)

*currently out of print.

Stocks of many papers are low, but we hope to reprint them in the future.  Please check their availability before ordering.