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Brynderwen Photos - 2

The garden held a lot of special memories for Margaret Morgan.  There was the time when all the children of the family, their nurse and the governess, Miss Roper, would gather fruit from the garden.  

And at the back of the house, on either side of the terrace, were two five foot golden privets.  ‘The one on the left was splendid and smooth, but there was a gap in the other one and it was not smooth.  My mother asked the gardener to explain why this had happened, but he had no idea.  But I knew.’  Margaret had two elder brothers, and whenever she annoyed them they would pick her up, swing her, and throw her into the privet.

Brynderwen Brynderwen Brynderwen Brynderwen Gardens Brynderwen Brynderwen Gardens Brynderwen Brynderwen Gardens Brynderwen (maybe) - June 1935 Brynderwen Brynderwen, the home of David Morgan, demolished in the 1980s, it is now Hardwicke Court

Our thanks to Elaine Davey for the use of her photos.