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The historic City of Llandaff lies to the north of Cardiff city centre, beside the River Taff. Built on the site of a Roman Road linking Cardiff Castle to Llantrisant, it boasts the magnificent Llandaff Cathedral, a bustling High Street, a picturesque village green and a thriving community.


This site is run by the Llandaff Society to share our delightful ‘City within a City’ with you, and to give you an insight into the history of one of Cardiff’s treasured ‘villages’.

If you have any comments about this site, questions about Llandaff or photos and stories you’d like to share, please contact us, and we will be happy to help.

Whilst we have attempted to clear copyright on the photographs included, if you own the copyright and would not like your pictures to be displayed, please contact us and they will be removed


Roald Dahl plaque unveiling on the High Street

Roald Dahl plaque unveiling

Who’s by The Cathedral?

Llandaff becomes Leadworth

The Doctor on The Green

Dr Who pics ©BBC/Adrian Rogers

Llandaff lad, Terry Nation, created the Daleks and wrote for many TV classics of the 1970s.


Terry Nation

There’s a ‘Springtime of English Song’ at Insole Court on Thursday 17th April at 7.15pm. Tickets are £12 (£9) from 029 2057 5180.


View the Llandaff Society’s views on the Cardiff Local Development Plan.


Come along and join in the Insole Court and 19th Century Llandaff Walk. It’s on the third Wednesday of each month, beginning 16th April at 2pm. A brief history will be given at each notable building and refreshments are available at Insole Court at the end. And there’s no charge!